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We have a dedicated experienced team to work with customers to help them meet their objectives advising them on the right type of film structures, properties and printing techniques.

Cost savings - reduced thickness

We offer cost savings by studying the present film structure and the application and
where possible down gauging the film without compromising on the properties of the requirement.

Puncture Resistant Bags

We had an enquiry from a customer who found it necessary to use two thick pouches due to punctures under vacuum because of the sharpness of the product. We overcame this by developing a pouch that provided high tensile strength and improved elasticity whilst maintaining a good oxygen barrier. The exercise proved that overcoming the sharpness of the product can be achieved by advanced film structures and not necessarily by increasing the film thickness, this solution is often more cost effective and a sophisticated film provides an improved presentation. The customer was delighted with the results, saving costs and labour.

High Barrier Pouches

We worked with a customer whose produce was deteriorating and it was clear that the vacuum pouch was not meeting their needs.  We studied the process and established that they needed a higher oxygen barrier together with a UV light barrier, the film also needed to withstand high temperatures.  We developed the right pouch to solve the problem and this customer was delighted with the solution also offering a longer shelf life and has continued to increase their business with us and is still loyal to Synpac fourteen years on. 

Cost saving – printed bags

A customer needed to improve their image from a plain bag, they looked into the option of a label which proved expensive and labour intensive when compared to a printed bag. We worked with them on a new design, the first trial order of 40,000 bags showed an immediate cost saving of 3p per unit. From the initial brief to the final solution of printed bags, manufactured and delivered took less than five weeks, their business has increased tenfold and are still a valued customer.

Please contact us today because we are here to listen, find a solution and we enjoy a challenge!


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