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Prepared Foods

Prepared Foods

The UK’s leading companies in the food processing, catering and hospitality industries use Synpac’s extensive range of bags, pouches and films  for vacuum packing, sous vide cooking, steaming and boil in the bag processes. We have a wide range on stock for immediate despatch and bespoke materials can be produced quickly and efficiently.

  • A wide variety of specialised bags and films that are temperature resistant and designed specifically for sous vide, steam and boil in the bag processes -
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  • Materials suitable for use with conventional ovens, water baths, steam oven and microwave
    cooking/reheat processes for convenient preparation
  • Superior oxygen and moisture barriers for cook chill, hot fill and liquid
    packing applications
  • Excellent sealing properties resulting in leak free bags
  • Bags manufactured on site for prompt delivery
  • Various thicknesses and material constructions to suit the process and application
  • Available clear and colour tinted
  • Suitable for freezing
  • The capacity and commitment to respond quickly to high volume requirements
  • Advanced films for high speed thermoforming, flow pack and reel fed machines
  • Our products meet all relevant EU and FDA Food Contact Regulations


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