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Synpac provides bags and film to customers in a diverse range of industries. We provide solutions that encompass chemical, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical applications. Our experience and product knowledge enables us to identify the appropriate film to meet our customer’s needs and requirements.

  • High barrier, multi layer films that offer excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties for product protection
  • High tensile strength films with the flexibility to resist sharp edges and ease the problems of bag punctures
  • Lay-flat tubing for specialised applications
  • Specialised materials that offer high resistance for aggressive chemicals
    and compounds
  • Metallised and aluminium bags produced from stock film
  • Barrier properties specifically designed to control strong odours and volatile products
  • Bespoke materials to withstand high temperature fluctuations and film suitable for sterilisation by gamma irradiation
  • High quality printed designs to enhance presentation and brand awareness
  • Advanced films for high speed reel fed machines
  • Our products meet all relevant EU and FDA Food Contact Regulations


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