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Ingredients, Herbs & Spices

Ingredients, Herbs & Spices

Synpac supplies a large number of leading producers in the UK and have a vast experience in ensuring the integrity and flavour of whole and ground spices, seasonings, nuts, seeds and herbs along with dried fruits. Synpac’s composite vacuum, barrier bags and pouches are proven to maintain quality, preserve flavour and protect the aromatic nature of the product.

  • A complete range of bags and pouches suitable for all types of dried ingredients, herbs, spices and seasonings, seeds, nuts and dried fruit - view stock list
  • Excellent barrier properties to preserve flavour and control aroma
  • Specialised structures to cope with intense and aggressive spice varieties
  • Good optical properties and effective UV light barrier
  • High tensile strength with puncture resistant structure
  • Clear, colour tinted and metallised materials always on stock for prompt delivery
  • Printed designs from a single colour for corporate identity to high impact graphics to enhance on shelf presentation
  • Films for high speed horizontal and vertical flow pack machines
  • Our products meet all relevant EU and FDA Food Contact Regulations


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